The magic of 19 herbs and 4 essential oil in 1 hair oil

To quote an ancient text, the Charak Samhita, ‘one who applies oil on his head regularly does not suffer from headache, baldness, graying of hair. Nor does his hair fall. Strength of his head, forehead is specially enhanced; his hair becomes black, long and deep-rooted.’

Applying oil to hair is a centuries-old Ayurvedic treatment. Thanks to our Grandma’s massaging regime, that inculcate the habit of regular hot hair messages to keep our tresses healthy, bouncy and shiny. The blanket solution to every hair problem is Hair oil. From lifeless to dull hair, from damaged tresses to split ends, from stress relief to premature aging, rubbing and massaging oil on your scalp is a treasure house for every hair problem. But with the bustling lives, hair care is often neglected.

Since hair masters the most, We at Eshveda has made herbal hair oil with 4 Natural Oils and 19 herbs suited for all hair types that will help you keep all hair problems at bay.  

Here is precisely the list of all the stock pot Herbs and natural oils that will be your forever savior for healthy and shiny hair. 

  1. Neem  
    While hair problems may be infinite, But neem is one such evergreen herb when it comes to hair care. Neem has many anti inflammatory and antibacterial effects. Neem conditions your scalp, cures dandruff and irritation for healthier scalp.
  2. Methi
    Methi, fenugreek seeds is used as a natural conditioner that prevents hair loss.
    ShikakaiShikakai has been a main hair oil ingredient since the time of our forefathers. It gives lustre to the hair by curing dandruff and itchy scalp.
  3. Rubia   
    Rubia helps in treating the itchy scalp, removes dandruff, treats scalp infections and gives the required nourishment to the hair.
  4. Mandukaparni
    The ingredient is effective in stimulating the hair follicles that further prevents the greying of hair.
  5. Manjistha
    When manjistha is used with other products darkens the greys.
  6. BhringrajBhringraj is a wonder herb rich in nutrients such as vitamin E, iron and vitamin D. Bhringraj treats baldness and helps in hair regrowth and excessive hair fall.
  7. Kapur Kachri  
    Kapur Kachri extracted from ginger roots makes your hair thick, healthy, fragrant and promotes hair growth.
  8. Mehandi Patta
    When it comes to conditioning, repairing hair damage, strengthening hair tresses and restoring the hair greys, Mehndi patta is your go-to ingredient.          
  9. Grape   
    Rich in antioxidants and other essential nutrients, grapes help in availing a healthier, shinier and bouncy hair. Used as an ingredient to treat hair loss, grapes add natural shine and volume to your hair.
  10. Tulsi   
    The ‘Queen of Herbs’ Tulsi is acclaimed to be a miracle plant for dry and damaged hair. Tulsi also keeps your calms cool by reducing itchiness and dandruff.
  11. Pudina
    The most effective and natural hair coolant that helps in curing the dandruff as well as fights hairfall. Mint leaves also treat the oily scalp.
  12. Amla
    Amla, helps in stimulating hair growth and makes hair more voluminous. Amla also acts as a scalp cleanser and protects your scalp against pollution, dust and heat etc.
  13. Menthol
    Menthol, an ingredient that is used in numerous hair products is known for its cooling and scalp stimulating effects. Menthol helps in reducing the scalp oiliness. 
  14. Camphor
    Camphor in hair care strengthens the hair roots, promotes hair growth, rejuvenates the scalp and makes the hair smoother and softer.                        
  15. Rusmari
    Rusmari oil has anti inflammatory properties that restores the original hair texture and luster.                        
  16. Coconut oil
    The most commonly used hair oil, Coconut oil penetrates deep into hair and hydrates the scalp. Coconut oil is most beneficial in reducing the frizziness and by softening the tresses. 
  17. Brahmi
    A natural hair cooling agent, makes the hair thicker and reduces split ends.                      
  18. Lemongrass   
    Lemongrass is amongst the most popular essential oil and is used widely in hair products. Lemongrass is an effective method to cure dandruff and leaves your scalp flake free by strengthening the hair follicles. .                    
  19. Nilgiri (Eucalyptus Oil)
    Nilgiri helps in killing the lice, relieves the itchy scalp by improving the blood circulation of the scalp. 
  20. Rice bran oil   
    Rich in minerals, antioxidants and vitamins, Rice bran oil has omega 3 and 6 fatty acids that nourishes the frizzy hair and makes it thicker and manageable.                    
  21. Almond oil
    Rich in essential minerals, Vitamin E, protein and fats, Almond oil is a power house. It helps in treating dandruff, scalp infection, softens hair and much more.  
  22. Sesame oil  
    Sesame oil, also known as the gingelly oil, strengthens the hair from the roots and nourishes the scalp. Regular usage of sesame oil also prevents premature graying and combats hair loss. 


How to Use: Apply lukewarm on scalp and hair, gently massaging from the roots to the tips. Leave for an hour and wash with mild shampoo.
For best results, you may leave it overnight.


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