Revitalizing Scalp Gel- A simple guide to transform your hair

Good hair makes you feel like you can run the world.
When it comes to hair, no person likes frizzy and damaged hair, but also to sit idle and wait for any miracle to happen overnight is not worth waiting for. It takes days, months and sometimes even years to get the desired hair, but with the right product and right ingredients, anyone can speed up the process to get the desired hair.


The miraculous Revitalizing Scalp Gel from Eshveda is a treasure trove of benefits for your scalp and hair. Packed with all the necessary nutrients and minerals, this scalp gel deeply nourishes your hair from the scalp to the roots.


Benefits of Revitalizing Scalp Gel:

  1. Promotes Hair Regrowth
    Aloe Vera, a magical plant, is of great significance when it comes to natural products. Packed with more than 75 active constituents, enzymes, vitamins, minerals and amino acids etc, aloe vera has great healing properties on skin and hair. The Revitalizing Scalp Gel from Eshveda stimulates hair regrowth by nourishing the hair follicles.
  2. Anti Dandruff, Anti Hair Fall and Calms Itchy Scalp
    With all the conflicting home remedies available at your fingertips, to follow a regular hair care regime has always been a cumbersome exercise. The unbelievable properties of Aloe Vera, calms itchy scalp, deeps clean oily hair. The moisturizing effect and anti-inflammatory action of Aloe Vera help reduce the irritation caused due to dandruff. The properties of Aloe Vera actually make your scalp and hair healthier.
  3. Hair Frizz Treatment with Eshveda
    With the changing weather, our hair becomes very frizzy. The hair conditioning properties of Eshveda’s Revitalizing Scalp Gel not only makes your hair manageable, smooth and moisturized but also leaves your hair with ample shine and gloss.


How to use the Revitalizing Scalp Gel
Infused with 95% Pure Aloe Vera, this gel works wonders when applied overnight.
Massage the gel on the scalp, which helps in the absorption of the nutrients for manageable and shiny hair. Leave the masque on for thirty minutes or you can also leave it overnight for healthy, natural and beautiful hair.

So go ahead and invest in the treasure trove of benefits and get shiny, bouncy and stronger hair with Eshveda’s Revitalizing Scalp Gel.

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