Handmade Coconut Milk and Honey Soap - Pack of 4

The handmade coconut milk and honey soap is infused with essential oils for an exotic and refreshing bathing experience leaving the skin rejuvenated without over stripping the skin’s natural oils.

Coconut milk is a good moisturizer prevents the skin from drying and makes the skin soft and smooth whereas honey adds glow and soothes the body.

Size: 120 ML | 4.2 OZ

380.00 285.00


The handmade soaps are made in small batches with premium ingredients like coconut milk and honey. Enriched with natural essential oils, the goodness of coconut milk and honey keeps the skin soft and smooth, making your bathing experience blissful and sweet.

  • This mild, super moisturizing handmade soap made with coconut milk and honey gives freshness and coolness to the body. 
  • Beneficial for all skin types, leaves skin cleansed, smooth and refreshed


Apply soap on wet body and face. Rub gently to produce lather then wash. Use everyday for the best results.


The essential oils like Rice bran oil, Olive oil, castor oil present in the handmade coconut milk and honey soap cleanses and moisturises and nourishes the skin. Coconut oil, Almond Oil and wheat germ oil present in the handmade soap cures dryness and nourishes the skin to the core.


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