Activated Charcoal Face Scrub

Cleanse, exfoliate, detoxify and unclog pores with an exquisite ultra fine gentle scrub made with 100% Activated Charcoal Scrub provides a non-drying deep cleansing while contributing to oil reduction, and skin purification that will leave your skin clear, soft and rejuvenated.

The activated charcoal whereas actively draws out impurities, bacteria, toxins, chemicals, dirt, unsavoury microparticles to give your skin a smoother, clearer and younger looking skin. The added benefits of essential oils in the charcoal face scrub keep the skin moisturized and smooth.

The Charcoal Scrub accelerates moisture absorption when applied before a moisturizer.

Size: 120 ML | 4.2 OZ

780.00 585.00


Powered by essential oils, the charcoal scrub gently slough off dead cells, lift impurities leaving your face feeling fresh, radiant and smooth 

  • Flush out toxins from the skin pores
  • Leaves your skin silky smooth and soft
  • Effectively exfoliates dead skin cells and impurities
  • Eliminates excess oil while retaining essential moisture
  • Brightens skin and works on the complexion
  • A highly addictive ritual that will leave your skin silky smooth and soft
  • Tightens and firms skin to diminish signs of aging and discoloration



  • Safflower Oil
  • Coconut Oil
  • Almond Oil
  • Grape Seed Oil
  • Bamboo Charcoal
  • Lavender
  • Ylang Ylang
  • Vitamin E
  • Vitamin A



  1. For an exfoliating polish:
    Apply a small amount to damp skin massaging in circular motions
  2. For a mask treatment:
    Apply a thin layer off on face and let sit for 15-20 mins.

    Can be used 2-3 times a week as an exfoliant.

    For best results, follow with Eshveda’s Face masks.


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