About Us

Honoring the rich Himalayan Legacy, We bring to you herbal products extracted from the selected and finest few.

Eshveda’s herbal formulation represents the authentic wisdom from the ayurvedic texts, complemented by advanced scientific research and leading edge manufacturing and quality control technologies. The plants used in production are organically grown in the salubrious environment of Uttarakhand and are completely free from nasty chemicals, inorganic fertilizers and pesticides and are made with perfection to bring you a luxury experience. A wide range of products  suitable for all skin types, hair types and concerns can stand alone to nurture skin, hair and your health that fit seamlessly into your everyday wellness regimen. Eshveda sources fresh raw plant material onsite from our farms in Uttrakhand. We work closely with nature to ensure sustainable harvests that extend the well being of the plant and the soil.

Organic, natural and ayurvedic ingredients used to give powerful and effective multifunctional skincare and healthcare solutions for gender-neutral use. Combination of natural plant derivatives, herbs and essential oils range in beneficial action from being anti-inflammatory to having antifungal and antibacterial properties. Balancing action of essential oils keeps the skin hydrated and moisturized.


Why US?

Ancient ayurvedic wisdom complemented with advanced scientific research

Crafted in house in small batches

High quality pure ingredients

Focus on overall Skin care, Hair care and Health care

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